Friends, we didn’t even expect that there would be so many of you at the meeting☺️

On March 12, 2024, as part of the program of cooperation with stakeholders and the work of the circle of socio-humanitarian direction “OSA” of FMM and, an event was held in the smart shelter CLUST Space (KPI Library).

A businessman, a graduate of FMM, Artem Gavronsky, arranged a “surprise” – he invited another businessman, his friend and roommate in the 18th dormitory, another graduate of FMM, Serhiy Garbar, investment director of the company “Octava Capital”.

There were many questions about who they want to hire today, what software skills a student should have and whether it is worth opening a business in wartime.

Not everything was discussed in an hour and a half, there was so much enthusiasm for the discussion both among the speakers and those present.

We are planning to organize the next meeting a little later 😉

Thank you all for this incredible day and we are waiting for you again❤️

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