Scientific activity of the faculty

Research activities at the Faculty of Management and Marketing are carried out by five, three educational and scientific departments and the scientific society of students and graduate students of the faculty.

Faculty members conduct scientific research in their departments and the research laboratory of management. Students conduct research as part of the educational research laboratory of marketing analytics and the scientific society of undergraduate and graduate students

Direction of scientific research of the faculty: «Actual problems of economics and management».

Subdivisions of the faculty carry out international projects, research ordered by the state, research on order of business entities. Scientists offer proactive research topics.

The faculty cooperates with the departments of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Science Park “Kyiv Polytechnic” and enterprises of Ukraine.

The faculty cooperates within the framework of inter-university agreements with more than 26 leading universities in the world, Carries out research for the programs of the European Union.

The faculty holds annual international and all-Ukrainian conferences. The faculty conducts seminars, Olympiads. The faculty has student research centers (circles). The faculty conducts competitions of scientific works of students. 

The faculty trains highly qualified specialists – doctors of philosophy and doctors of science.

The faculty has an academic council Д 26.002.23 for the defense of doctoral dissertations. Specialty 08.00.04 “Economics and Management of Enterprises” (by type of economic activity).

The faculty publishes scientific journals. These journals are indexed in scientometric and information bases:

  1. Specialized journal «Economic Bulletin of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»,
  2. Journal “Modern Problems of Economics and Entrepreneurship”.

Authors submit articles through the system OJS.

The faculty publishes textbooks, monographs, articles. Students work in a scientific partnership of students and graduate students, in scientific student centers (circles).

The departments of the faculty train masters who, in accordance with the requirements of the research university, are actively engaged in scientific and practical research and have relevant publications.
Students of the faculty are traditionally winners of competitions of scientific works, Olympiads, grant programs, business championships, etc. ; are scholarship holders of the President and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the mayor, the rector, etc.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is a research university. Students of master’s programs conduct scientific and practical research. Research results are published in scientific journals. Faculty students win competitions of scientific works, specialized Olympiads. They will win in competitions for grant programs, business championships.

Faculty students become scholars of the President of Ukraine and the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Mayor of Kyiv, the Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Current scientific information of the university

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