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The creation of the faculty was facilitated by many years of experience in organizational and economic training of students at KPI, which began in 1937 …


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Regulations on admission, sources of funding for the training of foreign students at FMM and other official documents related to admission to the university …


Information resources for learning

Students have the opportunity to use the scientific and technical library. G.I. Denisenko – one of the largest in Ukraine …


The Faculty of Management and Marketing trains specialists in management, economics and entrepreneurship. Graduates of our faculty are able to make informed decisions on personnel management, market, production, foreign economic and innovative activities. These are qualified specialists who are ready to ensure the efficient functioning of the national economy in market conditions.

Departments of the faculty

Department of International Economics

Scientific and pedagogical activity of the department is carried out in two directions: the first is to provide an economic component in the training of engineers at technical faculties (basic disciplines: basics of economic theory, economics and organization of production), the second – training bachelors, specialists and masters in international economics.

Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship was established in April 1992 under the name “Department of Economics and Organization of Industrial Technologies and Energy”. The department was headed and since then has been invariably headed by the famous economist-scientist PV Krush is a professor, candidate of economic sciences, author of more than 150 methodical and scientific works, monographs and textbooks.

Department of Industrial Marketing

An integral part of quality training of marketers is the high level of qualification of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department. All teachers have extensive experience in teaching and consulting, are participants in a number of international projects in the field of marketing research. As a result, according to recruitment agencies, graduates of the department take first place in the rankings of employers and hold senior positions in most leading companies and organizations.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics

The main areas of scientific work of the department are: analysis and research of problems and features of state regulation of the economy in market conditions; formation and implementation at enterprises of all forms of ownership of economic policy, methods of managing the development of science and technology, modeling of systems and processes and their optimization in the credit and financial sphere of production, development of human capital of the enterprise.

Department of Management

The Department of Management was established in 1988. She was the first in Ukraine to train students in the specialty “Organization of production”. Training of bachelors, masters and specialists in the field of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration” specialty 073 “Management” is carried out in one of 4 specializations: management and business administration, international business management, investment and innovation management, logistics.

The Department of ММЕS

The Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems was founded in 1991 as a result of fruitful cooperation of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The department trains specialists in the specialty “Economic Cybernetics”, which provides basic education in economics, mathematics and information technology.

Management Research Laboratory

The Management Research Laboratory was established in 1992 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to develop modern methods and models of economic process management.

Since 2001, the laboratory has been headed by Tamara Yerminingeldivna Ankudovych, Candidate of Technical Sciences, author of more than 30 scientific works and monographs. The works are performed at the expense of the state budget, at the request of state bodies of Ukraine and at the request of external organizations.

International activities

In the conditions of a single world information space, international cooperation is a channel of modern scientific and educational communications. Find out more about the projects on the international activities page!